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Check out the selection of cigar humidors for sale below. Humidors are most commonly made of Spanish cedar wood but you can also find quality humidors made with American (or Canadian) red cedar as well as Honduran mahogany. There are certain benefits to picking up a humidor made of Spanish cedar. Primarily, the wood helps ensure a stable climate and humidity for your cigars inside. Typically, American cedar wood does not allow as much humidity to be absorbed as Spanish cedar. This excess humidity can lead to moisture issues and eventually mold growing on your cigars. Finally, Spanish cedar can have a wonderful effect on your cigars' flavor as you allow them to age inside.

Most cigar aficionados choose to store their cigars between 68-72% relative humidity. If you're new to cigars, the variance between 68% and 72% likely won't mean much but as your taste develops and you become more of a connoisseur, you may quickly find yourself favoring cigars kept in slightly lower or higher humidity environments.

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