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Cohiba Red Dot Triangulo (Pyramid) - Box of 25

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In the world of cigars, Cohiba ranks near the top in almost every category. Construction, blending, aging, flavor and satisfaction, the Cohiba “Red Dot” is leading the way. The Cohiba “Red Dot” Triangulo is truly at the forefront of Cohiba’s charge!

The Triangulo’s amazing triangular shape makes the cigar worthy of attention, yet the real success behind this cigar is the unique blend that is underneath the hood. A Cameroon wrapper surrounds a blend of three different Cuban Seed tobaccos grown in the Dominican Republic that are bunched into a Jember binder from Indonesia. The construction of this solid smoke is more difficult to make than others, but the expertly-crafted stick has a flawless draw and burn that forces you to stop and admire its beauty.

While you gaze upon the perfectly formed ash, you will be greeted by earth, spice and wood flavors, with hints of leather, peat and creamy vanilla. Although packed with richness and taste, the hefty 6” x 54 Cohiba Triangulo is a luxuriously smooth and medium-bodied smoke.

A rare smoking experience awaits, so do not hesitate to commit to the Cohiba Triangulo! Find a quiet corner in the back yard or reserve the patio at your favorite restaurant to enjoy this mouth-watering cigar.


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