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Gurkha Black Dragon Robusto - Box of 40

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The Black Dragon by Gurkha has a short, but illustrious history, having at one time being the most expensive cigar in the World. With a few tweaks to the tobacco blend and a drastically lower price tag, the Gurkha Black Dragon still emerges as a rare smoke that will titillate the senses with its complex profile and deep, rich texture.

The Black Dragon Robusto is a stout 4 ½” x 52 Robusto made from exquisitely blended tobaccos from all over the globe. Tucked into a Cameroon binder leaf are lush filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. Surrounding the 45 minute to an hour smoke is a luxuriously dark Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro wrapper.

The Gurkha Black Dragon begins with a flurry of tasty earth and leather notes that are supported by copious spice flavors throughout the entirety of the medium-to-full bodied smoke. Cinnamon, cocoa and cream tantalize along the way as well, while bursts of spicy pepper keep the taste-buds working overtime. A robust, yet clean and smooth, finish caps off the amazing smoke.

Available in beautifully handcrafted boxes of 40 cigars, the Black Dragon Robusto is an amazing choice for all who want to have special occasion cigars always at the ready. Enjoy these tasty jewels with your favorite libation and get lost in the delicious adventure that is Black Dragon!


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