Need Something For Dad? We're Here to Help!


Father's Day is June 19 and if your father is anything like ours, there's something at Cigars City that's sure to delight him this year!

Know your Dad loves cigars but not sure what to get him? Let us help! We've put together some packages below at various price points that will let you get him something he'll love at any budget.

The Rick Grimes PackageGifts for father's day

Dad was always there for you, right? Well, whether he's just a hard-working guy working 9-5 or battling zombies, this package will help Dad relax once the smoke clears and he's off the clock. Here's what Dad will get:

1.) Crowned Heads Six Shooter Sampler ($43.99 retail value)

For a guy like Rick Grimes, who chops off zombie heads, we had to go with Crowned Heads! This six-shooter features a half dozen awesome cigars that show why the premium cigar maker is growing quickly in popularity! Dad won't be disappointed with this!

2.) Chalet Cherry Desktop Humidor ($29.99 retail value)

A quality humidor at a budget friendly price. This Spanish cedar lined humidor has plenty of space for the Crowned Heads sampler and can hold a total of around 50 sticks in ideal cigar storage conditions --- that'll help Dad make sure his sticks are ready for him all year long --- not just Father's Day!

3.) Moretti Carbon Fiber Torch Lighter ($11.99 retail value)

A solid lighter at an affordable price. This torch will give Dad plenty of perfect toasts for years to come.

Package Price: $69.95  Click here to purchase.



Father's Day cigar gifts

The Frank Costanza Package

Alright, so maybe Dad can be a little cranky but he's always had your back, right? Grant your father "Serenity Now!" with this great cigar package on Father's Day:

1.) Diesel 6-Cigar Gift Set (Retail Value: $49.95)

Half a dozen of the finest long-filler tobacco cigars Diesel has to offer. Plus, Dad will get a quality Diesel cigar cutter & lighter.

2.) Whitetail Glasstop Humidor (Retail Value: $34.95)

With plenty of room for 50 sticks, make sure Dad doesn't have to be in a rush to smoke the 6-cigar sampler. The Whitetail Glasstop humidor provides a Spanish cedar home for cigars that'll keep them fresh for months.

Package Price: $73.99      Click here to purchase.


 The Danny Tanner PackageThe best gifts for father's day

Dad takes on a lot of different jobs and has always been there. Whether it was introducing you to a new puppy or teaching you the virtues of not being anorexic, tell Dad thanks with this cigar package:

1.) Oliva Serie V Melanio Double Toro Cigars - Box of 10 (Retail Value: $89.99)

These Oliva Serie V Melanio Double Toro cigars were 2014's Cigar of the Year according to Cigar Aficionado.

2.) The Original Stinky Ashtray (Retail Value: $19.97)

Just like Dad can keep things from getting messy, the Stinky ashtray is an excellent choice with plenty of room for the ash left after he enjoys those Oliva Melanio cigars!

 Package Price: $99.00  Click here to purchase.


Cigars for dadThe Peter Griffin Package

Ok, so he's not perfect. He's flatulent and maybe a little on the hefty side. But he's lovable, right?

1.) Nub, by Oliva 4-Cigar Sampler Pack (Retail Price: $29.99)

This fantastic foursome of cigars is just like Peter Griffin - little chunks. But don't let their small stature deceive you. These little guys are made with premium filler tobacco and designed to deliver all the flavor and experience of a full sized stick, just in a smaller and more convenient pacakge. Plus, you get a punch cutter with this set!

2.) Chateau Glasstop Humidor (Retail Price: $24.99)

A small-scale humidor that's perfect for the Nub cigars. This Spanish cedar lined humidor is ideal for a desk and has enough room for about 20 regular sized cigars --- and in our estimation, about 30 Nub cigars!

Package Price: $49.99  Click here to purchase.


The Heathcliff Huxtable PackageCigars for dad

Ever since recent allegations came out in the news, we haven't sold nearly as many of these packages so we decided it was time to mix it up and change the Huxtable package a bit.

Hate your father? Let us know, we'll send him an empty cigar box with an anonymous note inside telling him he doesn't deserve cigars because he is a horrible dad. Just make sure you enter the correct shipping address where it should go at checkout!

Package Price: $10  Click here to purchase.



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