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Arturo Fuente - Churchill - Candela - Box of 25

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This Arturo Fuente Churchill Candela cigar is hand-rolled and perfect for about an hour of escape from the "real world".

A very long cigar at 7.2-inches, this stick is relatively mild and especially noted as a cigar that is constructed especially well. As for the appearance, the Arturo Fuente Churchill Candela inspires elegance with its silky, almost green-colored candela wrapper and classic Fuente band.

Unfamiliar with candela wrappers? No big deal, it's easy to get a grasp on them. Basically, the wrapper looks raw. Almost like it hasn't been cured long enough by the cigar manufacturer but that's not that the case. In actually, the tobacco is cured for about 3 days in intense heat rather than the lower temperatures used for most cigar wrappers today. That sweltering heat locks in the chlorophyll of the leaves which is why you'll see a green hue in most candela wrappers. We might take it for granted sometimes but cigars can be science!

Appreciate the sweet science behind these Arturo Fuente Candela sticks today, pick up a box and you'll get 25 opportunities for your own "experiments"!