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Arturo Fuente - Privada #1 Candela (Churchill) - Box of 25

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Arturo Fuente Privada Candela cigars are an awesome way to check out just how a candela wrapper adds a unique taste and experience to the smoking experience.

While not every cigar smoker is going to enjoy the candela experience as it's much different than most other cigars. Candela sticks, greener in color and often, stronger than other cigars. As part of the curing process the tobacco in a candela wrapper is heated rapidly, which actually locks in the chlorophyll of the plant, leaving the green hue that is synonymous with candela cigars.

With these candelas, expect a top-shelf quality cigar from Arturo Fuente. One of the famed cigar families of the world, Fuente gets some of the best tobacco on the planet and has generations of cigar rolling experience at its disposal. Which culminates into you getting some of the best cigars in the world with even burn rates and a near perfect draw.