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Asylum Straight Jacket (Robusto)

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Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa have gone crazy and you will too with the amazingly bold Asylum Straight Jacket! This toothy smoke is a powerhouse not to be reckoned with. The heartier of cigar enthusiasts are sure to drool like a madman at the flavors that await first light!

Handcrafted in Eiroa’s El Aladino Factory in Danli, Honduras, the Asylum Straight Jacket 5” x 50 Robusto is composed of purely Nicaraguan tobaccos. The rich Nicaraguan fillers and binder are wrapped in a surprisingly smooth and beautiful Nicaraguan leaf that makes the meaty stick look quiet and unassuming. The cigar band brandishing a straightjacket, however, quickly dispels any notion that this is a mild-mannered smoke.

Enormous earth and pepper flavors spar with your taste-buds while notes of coffee and spice propel the gut-checking smoke forward. A pinch of cocoa will slide some velvety sweetness into the fray, as the Straight Jacket Robusto maintains a full-bodied kick throughout the 50 minute or so smoke.

Enjoy the limited run smokes after a big feast and with a libation to keep your palate from being mauled! As if locked in a padded room, 10 Asylum Straight Jacket cigars come in each unique box. These potent sticks just might drive you insane, but you would be crazy not to try them!  


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