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Asylum Straight Jacket (Toro) - Box of 10

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One phrase you won’t hear from full-bodied cigar connoisseurs is “Stop the Insanity!” as the Asylum Straight Jacket has the cigar world going simply mad with excitement! The wild-child of a cigar is another amazing creation from cigar making team Tom Lazuka and Christian Eiroa.

Handmade at Eiroa’s own El Aladino Factory in Honduras, the 6” x 54 Toro Straight Jacket is an insanely potent Nicaraguan Puro. Rich Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and binder are cloaked by an unimposing Nicaraguan wrapper leaf. Once the stick is lit, the Straight Jacket will take you on one wild and crazy ride.

Robust earth and coffee flavors drive the Asylum Straight Jacket along with rich chunks of pepper and spice, as streams of cocoa filter through the madness on the way to an awe-inspiring finish. The full-bodied smoke is not recommended for folks with milder-mannered palates, but whoever braves the spicy stick will be absolutely enthralled for well beyond an hour.

Big, rich and just plain nuts, the Asylum Straight Jacket cigars are a must for any fan of stronger smokes or those just looking for a challenge. You would have to be mental to miss out on these limited run cigars, but then again you just might have to be mental to give them a go! Snatch up a box of 10 and join the Asylum today!


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