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Bespoke Gran Mareva (5.5" x 42)


Bespoke's Gran Mareva is one of the more sought after brands in the super-premium Bespoke line-up.

Adorned with an oily Brazilian wrapper that will remind you of the colors you'll find in chocolate and pecan, inside this cigar features a Tripa made of aged Nicaragua Viso and Dominican Seco tobacco. The 5.5" x 42 cigar brings an ultra-smooth and creamy-honey taste to the table with a sugar-sweet tobacco aroma that will fill the room.

The Gran Mareva is blended exclusively for Bespoke by Hendrik Kelner, Jr at the KFB Factory in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

The Bespoke Gran Mareva cigar is available for sale in complete boxes of 24 as well as singles when in-stock. You can't go wrong with either option but it's rare for these cigars to become available so stock up when you have the chance.

Detailed Tasting Notes & Pairing Ideas, courtesy of Bespoke

Cold Draw: Earth, tobacco, espresso and roasted coffee.

1st Third: Chocolate, tobacco, earth. Slight undertone of vanilla. A great note of green tea shows up, slightly herbal/hay note as well. Vanilla, cream, milk chocolate. Medium bodied.

2nd Third: Beautiful notes of hay, grass, lemon blossom and cocoa/dark chocolate. Milk chocolate comes through as well. Hickory, cedar, smoked wood and oak.

Final Third: Smoked wood, cedar and hickory, sweet chocolate, espresso, roasted coffee. Medium body. Delicious dark chocolate note on the finish.

Pairing Suggestions:
Bespoke recommends light to medium bodied scotches with little to no peat for whiskey/bourbon.
1. Glemonrangie QR(Quinta Ruban Port cask finish)
• Notes: Sweet and tart citrus fruit, floral and spice(nutmeg), medium bodied with a sweet caramel and vanilla finish.

2. Talisker 10
• Notes: Mineral, peaty and floral. Earthy and a little creamy. Medium bodied, with an earthy finish.

3. Dalwhinnie 15
• Notes: apricots, peach, honey, honeysuckle, roasted nuts, clean, elegant and medium bodied with a malt finish.

4. Glenkinchie 12
• Notes: lemon, honey, very light smoke/peat and malt. Light-medium bodied and a malt driven finish.

5. Macallan 12
• Vanilla, oak, dried figs, raisins, ginger and almonds(amaretto), plums, cinnamon, brown sugar. Smooth, medium to full, with a sweet oak driven finish.

6. Bunnahabhain 12
• Tropical fruits, orange and sweet citrus, oak, sandalwood and pepper with allspice. Very subtle smoke/peat. Medium bodied with a creamy, malty finish.

7. Glenfiddich 15
• Golden raisins, dried apricots, lemon peel, vanilla, coconut, almonds. Medium bodied and smooth finish.

8. Chivas 18
• Sweet orange, peach, marzipan and nuts with hints of chocolate. Smooth, creamy and almost sweet on the finish.

9. Bushmills 10 (Irish)
• Peach, apricot, honey, white flowers and jasmine. Elegant, smooth and light to medium bodied.

10. Woodford Reserve (Bourbon)
• Dried fruit, spices and oak, with brown sugar, vanill and caramel. Exceptionally smooth with a sweet finish.

11. Bulleit Rye (Rye Whiskey)
• Peaches, cherries, oak, vanilla, cinnamon and allspice. Medium to full finish with smoke and cinnamon.

Rums: 1. Zacapa XO
• Brown sugar, butterscotch, vanilla, oak, oranges and sweet citrus. Toffee, cinnamon and nutmeg. Silky smooth, medium bodied and a long finish.

1. Hennessy VS
• Citrus driven, orange, golden delicious apples, oak. Light to medium bodied, smooth and elegant.

2. Hennessy XO
• Dried apricots, peach, figs, spice notes of cinnamon, oak and leather. Exceptionally smooth, medium bodied and a long delicious finish.

3. Martell VSOP
• Raisins, cream, tart citrus. Medium bodied, dry and medium long finish.

Ports: 1. Dow’s 10
• Dried mango, baked apricot, cherry tart, almonds, spice – cinnamon and nutmeg. Medium bodied with a long and delicate finish.

2. Dow’s 20
• Honey, dried fruit, toffee, almond butter, dates, white chocolate and fruitcake. Medium bodied with a long finish.

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