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CAO Amazon Anaconda Toro (6.0" x 52)

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CAO's Amazon series of cigars has blown up in popularity, from the original in-demand "Amazon Basin" to the final third of the trio, this Amazon Anaconda toro.

The Amazon Anaconda cigar features a leathery and bold Brazilian Bahiano wrapper that is draped over a cocktail of five different filler leaves and a Nicaraguan binder. It's an incredibly complex 6.0" x 52 stick that's very unique. When enjoying these cigars, we suggest you don't mix in any pairing at all so you can enjoy all the subtlety this cigar offers. We taste some cocoa along with dried fruit and dark spices on top of that leathery maduro that comes from the wrapper onto your palate.

Among the filler tobacco in the Amazon Anaconda, you'll find Braganca, which is known as a very spicy leaf. Also, you'll find Fuma em Corda, which is tobacco that is braided into cords during the fermentation process. (You might know that term "Fuma em Corda" from the CAO Amazon Fuma em Corda cigars that were released just a few months before the Anaconda).

Try the Amazon Anaconda today with boxes of 20 available for sale as well as singles if you just want to dip your toes in to start!


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