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CAO Fuma em Corda (6.0" x 58)

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CAO Fuma em Corda cigars bring another hard-to-find tobacco to the aficionados in the United States that have a truly unique story.

Ernet Gocaj is the Director of Tobacco Procurement at CAO. He's the guy who stumbled into the Brazilian Amazon in 2012 and found the tobacco that gives CAO's incredibly popular Amazon Basin cigars their unique flavor. In 2015, Gocaj was back in Brazil. This time, he visited an area of the country known as the Alagoas region. On his trip, he saw what some might consider a bizarre fermentation method. In it, Arapiraca tobacco is fermented in ropes (called "Fuma Em Corda" by the locals). The unique process led to a tobacco flavor Gocaj had never experienced before and he instructed the locals that he would immediately buy everything they could produce in that year's harvest.

The finished product sports a Honduran Colorado wrapper, Cameroon binder, and filler tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Brazil.

If you're familiar with the Amazon Basin cigars, you know they are extremely tough to find. We expect the Fuma em Corda will be very similar. CAO only produced 3,000 boxes of the cigar in the toro size (6.0" x 58) available in the United States via internet tobacconists.

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