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Flor de Oliva 6.5" x 44 (Lancero-Panatela)


The folks at Oliva have mastered the art of creating cigars that are luxuriously delicious and easy on the pocket book. The Flor de Oliva Lonsdale is one of these lusciously textured, amazingly affordable smokes that helped to put Oliva on the map and should be a focal point of anyone’s rotation who desires cigars that are tasty and satisfying.

The Flor de Oliva Lonsdale is classic 6 ¼” x 44 stick built around plush Nicaraguan filler tobaccos and a Nicaraguan binder leaf. A velvety Sumatra wrapper leaf surrounds it all to create a magnificently assembled cigar that will delight one and all with a silky smooth experience of 45 minutes or so.

The Flor de Oliva Lonsdale begins with a savory wood and earth flavors that swirl endlessly over the palate while bursts of pepper freely flow through a perfectly formed draw. Hints of cream slither along through the medium-bodied smoke while sweet tastes add to a wondrously gratifying grand finale.

Available in bundles of 20 cigars, the Flor de Oliva Lonsdale is an all-star that is an absolute must for anyone in search of the best all-around everyday smoke. Affordably priced, beautifully constructed and uber tasty, the Flor de Oliva Lonsdale is simply one of the best cigars for the money, so grab yours today!


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