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Quesada Heisenberg (Robusto)


Cigar-making legend Manuel Quesada invites cigar enthusiasts of all tastes and experiences to embrace uncertainty and savor the most pure of cigar smoking explorations: Heisenberg by Quesada. And indeed the Heisenberg Robusto from Quesada cigars is as captivating as cigars get, delivering a richly textured smoke that is simply gushing with delicious delight.

Inspired by Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and the desire to focus on the pleasure of a good cigar, instead of flavor profiles, tobaccos recipes and the like, Manuel Quesada set out to create a cigar experience that allowed the cigar aficionado to discover the nuances of the smoke without being swayed by preconceived notions. The result has ignited the collective imagination of cigar lovers everywhere!

So we can't divulge the type of tobaccos contained within this beauty for the simple fact only members of Quesada's all-star team and a select few know the recipe. We can say, however, the Heisenberg Robusto is rich, velvety and tasty as can be!

The luscious 5.0" x 48 Heisenberg Robusto by Quesada is a pure joy that will excite the taste-buds with each wondrous puff and will surely challenge for a spot in your everyday rotation. A box of 10 sticks and dark Dominican Rum will prove a most excellent pairing after fine Latin American fare.


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