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Rocky Patel The Edge Counterfeits Toro Corojo - Box of 20


Rocky Patel is beating back counterfeiting of his Edge cigars by doing the unthinkable, producing “counterfeits” of his own. The Edge Counterfeit Corojo cigars are ingenious creations that deliver spectacular smokes at an unbeatable price while giving a good thumbing to the counterfeiting rascals who lurk in the shadows.

The Edge Counterfeit Corojo Toro is a thick 6” x 52 cigar that simply oozes with robust tobaccos. Made in Nicaragua, the Toro is draped in an enticing Corojo wrapper leaf that, along with a hearty binder leaf, surrounds a muscular core of filler tobaccos. The result is an over an hour smoke that brings a massive amount of body and flavor to the party.

The eager stick gets going with zealous spice, earth and toast flavors that propel a seriously full-bodied character onward and upward until notes of coffee and pepper announce the arrival of a most vigorous finale is at hand. The rich and profusely filling finish is a bold venture that just might keep you week in the knees.

Delicious and incredibly affordable, the Edge Counterfeit Corojo Toro by Rocky Patel is a winning choice no matter how you slice it. Be sure to eat a hardy feast before beginning this savory adventure and enjoy with a sturdy libation to toast to the Counterfeits!


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