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Xikar Flash Lighter

Xikar is well known for delivering the most innovative, most durable cigar smoking accessories on the planet and the Xikar Flash is the premiere example. The Xikar Flash is one of the truly great all-around cigar lighters available, making it a shoe-in as your cigar accessory MVP!

The Xikar Flash Lighter is a solidly built wonder that features a reliable single jet flame ideal for any situation. A brushed finish and simple thumb action lighting mechanism makes igniting your cigar as easy as ever. And you’ll never have to think twice about having fire ready at a moment’s notice with a heartily constructed housing that makes the Xikar Flash lighter a magnificently durable device.

Not only is the Xikar Flash lighter beautifully assembled, but as an added peace of mind carries Xikar’s amazing lifetime warranty. Available in stylishly modern finishes and perfect for any time or place, the Xikar Flash lighter is a must-have cigar smoking accessory for one and all!