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5 Vegas - Gold - Double Nickel Box-pressed Gordo (5.5" x 50)

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With the explosion of big and beefy smokes over the years, cigars that are of a milder nature have seemingly been left by the wayside, lacking either the body or taste to excite the taste-buds that have been beaten into submission by heftier smokes. Until now! The 5 Vegas Gold Double Nickel is reclaiming its territory with a smoke that is both elegantly smooth and loaded with taste.

The 5 Vegas Gold Double Nickel is a thick 5 ½” x 55 cigar that is oozing with lush Cuban-seed filler tobaccos from Honduras and Nicaragua which has been aged 5 years for added depth. A Honduran binder leaf and a stunning Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf complete the over an hour smoke.

Once the golden-hued beast is set aflame, intense notes of wood and spice great the palate, only clearing the way for the lushly mellow experience that is to follow. Delicious flavors of roasted chestnuts, hazelnut and cream flow through the mild-to-medium smoke as dashes of almonds lead to the savory finish.

The 5 Vegas Gold Double Nickel is crowd pleasing smoke that is redefining what a mild cigar is all about. Big taste, smooth body and a great value, the 5 Vegas Gold Double Nickel is as immensely satisfying as they come and should be a permanent addition to aficionados’ line-ups across the land!