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Boveda Humidification Packets (12 Packets)

Looking for a simple and easy way to maintain the perfect humidity level in your humidor? Tired of refilling your current system with water time and time again? Then check out the Boveda Humidification Packets. These awesome little packs are great for maintaining exact humidity levels in your humidor.

Thanks to their propriety "2-way" membrane system these seemingly simple packets actually "know" what the humidity level in your humidor is currently and will either release more moisture to get the level to where you want it or they stop releasing moisture if the humidity levels are currently too high with in a range of +/- 2%. This ingenious system helps your precious cigars avoid the "humidification shock" they experience now. This shock occurs when your first refill your current system with water and replace it in your humidor, this dumps a ton of moisture suddenly into the cigars' environment. You also get the opposite effect as your current humidification system dries out and has less and less moisture to maintain a consistent humidity level.

So, do yourself and your cigars a huge favor and invest in a box of 12 packets of these Boveda Humidification Packets. They last a little over 2 months in your humidor and we recommend you use two packets per 50 cigars in your humidor. Simple as that!