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Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0

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The Cigar Oasis Plus humidifier is likely the most popular humidification system you'll find in the homes in cigar connoisseurs in the United States.

High-tech looking and intuitive to control, the Plus is not only efficient - it's also compact to help you maximize your cabinet humidor to hold the maximum capacity of cigars. (The Cigar Oasis Plus measures 6" x 2" x 3.5").

The Oasis Plus 3.0 humidifier allows you complete control over the humidity. Set automatically at 70-percent, you can customize up and down in increments of one-tenth. Additionally, if the humidity drops too low a red light turns on and then the humidifiers blowers start to spread the moisture around that your cigars crave!

The Cigar Oasis Plus is a self-contained unit. The base is a refillable reservoir for distilled water while the top portion houses the blower and electronic connections. It connects to a 6-foot remote display unit with a display that will tell you the real-time humidity inside your humidor.

This humidifier is designed to humidify up to 10 cubic feet so most household cabinet humidors are just about perfect with this unit. Please note: The Cigar Oasis Plus 3.0 kit does not come with additional external fans. Cigar Oasis believes they are not necessary as the internal fans are upgraded over the earlier version of this humidifier. At, we're big fans of the Cigar Oasis but we do recommend a small desktop sized fan if you're going to set one of these in the bottom compartment of a humidor at home to ensure air circulation and prevent mold build-up.