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Desktop Guillotine Cutter

A hefty solution for cigar lovers who demand a solid cutter that'll sit firmly on the corner of their desk.

This cutter offers sturdy construction and a wood bed cutting channel that allows you to line up your cigar for the big cut just how you like it. Top it off with a handsome walnut-finish on top along with a felt-lined bottom and nobody's desk is going to be ashamed to be hosting one of these guys.

The blade itself has a safety lock so you can secure the sharp blade in the locked (downward) position so no accidents happen. You know, in case the grandkids come over, Barbie gets railroaded for treason and is unfortunately sent to the guillotine!

Finish it off with a tobacco catching basin to be sure you won't leave a mess and it's a sure-thing you'll be delighted with this cutter.