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Cohiba Connecticut Robusto (5.5" x 50)

If you’re looking for a golden Connecticut-wrapped cigar that is both luxurious and satisfying, look no further than cigars from the Cohiba Connecticut line. These handcrafted super premium cigars deliver rich taste and smooth character like no other Cohiba before it. The mouthwatering Cohiba Connecticut Robusto is a delicious self-indulgence you don’t want to miss.

This 5 ½” x 50 Cohiba Connecticut Robusto is wrapped in an alluring, blonde-colored Connecticut Shade leaf cultivated under the thick cloud cover of mountainous Ecuador. At the cigar’s core lies top-shelf filler tobaccos featuring Brazilian Mata Fina, Dominican Olor and Piloto Cubano, and hearty Nicaraguan leaves.

The smoke kicks off with refined cedar and spice notes which join an underlying creaminess during the first half of the 50-to-60-minute smoke. Each draw brings new waves of taste, which construct an exquisite mild-to-medium character. Nutmeg and citrus spice nuances help nudge the experience towards the medium-bodied range, as white pepper adds pizazz to a velvety, complex finale.

Offered in exquisite white presentation boxes of 20 cigars are clear examples of why Cohiba cigars rank amongst the world’s best. If you want a luxurious cigar specially crafted to be savored to the final lasting puff, then the Cohiba Connecticut Robusto is a rousing success worthy of your attention.