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Drew Estate

The Drew Estate story is one that's truly remarkable. Back in 1998, Jonathan Drew packed up and moved to Esteli, Nicaragua. He wanted to spark a rebirth in the world of cigars. From a New York City apartment to a handful of rollers in a ram shackle Nicaraguan factory, Drew started rolling cigars and the natives started calling him "That Crazy Gringo". Lucky for Drew, he likely didn't immediately know what it meant. At the time he barely knew a word of Spanish!
Less than a year later, Drew returned to New York City and reengaged with Marvin Samel. Slowly but surely they started to create a market of smokers for Drew Estate and the Acid cigars line took off. Today, Drew Estate operates the largest cigar factory in Nicaragua at 96,000 square feet where they roll out around 95,000 cigars each day!