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Drew Estate Deadwood "Baby Jane" Cigarillo (4" x 32)

Drew Estate is recognized as the ultimate source for innovative, well-made and downright delicious smokes renowned the World over for the sheer pleasure that each cigar delivers. And adding to Drew Estate’s ever-growing catalog of scrumptious treats is a sensory tease known as Sweet Jane.

The Deadwood Baby Jane is a perfect 4"x32 cigarillo built around an exotic mixture of thick and aromatic tobaccos which are nestled inside of a dark Maduro wrapper leaf, making for one gloriously smooth 10-15 minute or so smoke.

While not infused, the Deadwood Baby Jane offers up a delightfully sweet smoke that allows the naturally sweet nuances of the tobaccos to shine. With subtle hints of coffee, cream and earth flowing throughout, the taste-buds dance to a happy tune with each and every puff.

Whether cigar smoking pro or just getting started, the Deadwood Baby Jane Cigarillo from Drew Estate will deliver a devilishly gratifying smoke ideal for any situation no matter the time of day. So wrap your lips around Baby Jane Cigarillo today and savor one of the tastiest tarts around!