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Flor de Oliva 6.0" x 50 (Toro)

The Flor de Oliva Toro is another fantastic creation from the folks at Oliva that is at once beautifully crafted, deliciously textured and unbelievably affordable. That is the trifecta that cigar enthusiasts usually only dream of and so the Flor de Oliva Toro is simply the only choice for those wanting a tasty all-around smoke for anytime.

The Flor de Oliva Toro is loaded with plush Nicaraguan filler tobaccos that are tucked into a Nicaraguan binder leaf. A gorgeous Sumatra wrapper leaf surrounds it all to complete an expertly crafted 6” x 50 cigar that delivers an amazingly smooth and savory cigar-smoking adventure of about an hour or more.

Once the Flor de Oliva Toro is underway, wood and earth flavors massage the palate as splashes of pepper keep things lively, yet delightfully balanced. A creamy undercurrent flows all along the way, while soft and sweet nuances titillate on the way to a velvety and gratifying finale.

The Flor de Oliva Toro is an absolute must for anyone in search of a well-rounded smoke for any and all occasions. These gems are available in bundles of 20 sticks, making them perfect for special events, outdoor adventures with friends or simply restocking the humidor at home.