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Acid Cold Infusion 5 Cigar Fresh Pack

Acid Cold Infusion cigars actually go by the more formal name of Acid by Drew Estate Cold Infusion Tea cigars. As the same suggests, they are actually infused with tea. A medium-strength smoke, the Cold Infusion cigar is part of Acid's Gold line of infused cigars.

Visually, expect a clean look from the wrapper with no visible seams or veins. With a long, narrow construction you'll notice the incredibly enticing aroma even before you light up.

Once lit, take note of the Cold Infusion's smooth draw along with tones of fruity and floral favors.

Acid's Cold Infusion Cigars are a great introductory cigar for folks just getting ingot he infused cigar craze. Try a box and find out why this is one of Acid by Drew Estate's crown jewels in the infused cigar world.

Now available in a humidified 5-Pack! Great for travel ! The humidor is built in!