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Alec Bradley American Classic Torpedo (6.1" x 52)

Alec Bradley American Classic torpedo cigars has a dark tan wrapper accompanied by a dry and slightly toothy feel. Considered a great value by most cigar fans, these Alec Bradley sticks are priced cheap enough to smoke every day but are also of great quality.

Expect flavors that include an oily note and slightly sweet flavor to start with a light tobacco feel as you start the first third of the cigar. With a perfect draw, you'll notice a soft leather and creamy texture as you make your way from the first third to the mid-point of the cigar. From there, you're likely to notice deep-earth flavors and a hinge of earthiness. Toward the end of the cigar, you'll appreciate the soft smoke and welcome in a final round of flavor transition. As you reach the nub, the smooth flavors will continue. The cigar will likely take you about an hour to get through.

The American Classic torpedo line is made in Nicaragua, featuring fillers from the Condega and Estli regions and a Nicaraguan binder from the Jalapa Valley.