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Alec Bradley Connecticut Churchill Cigars - Box of 24

Alec Bradley's Connecticut Churchill cigar boasts a soft, light brown wrapper this is very appealing to the eye. Just a touch of oil gives the latte colored wrapper a sheen that'll make your mouth water before you spark your favorite butane lighter.

This stick starts off fairly mild but it's not shy about flavor. Look for a creamy, vanilla bean taste with a little bit of a nutty tone as well. Thick, rich smoke will start to billow out of the Alec Bradley churchill as soon as you get the cigar going.

The second-third and finish of these cigars brings more earthy and nutty flavors to the forefront and expect that rich, creaminess to return as you get closer down to a nub of a cigar and the finish.This Churchill is just another winner in Alec Bradley's affordable line of premium cigars that you won't want to miss. These sticks are shipped in a box of 24 and will arrive securely at your door in just a matter of days.