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Alec Bradley Connecticut Toro Cigars (6.0" x 50)

Alec Bradley's Connecticut toro cigar is blanketed in a soft-brown, silky wrapper that is is very appealing to the eye. Before lighting these cigars, look for what some have described as "fruity" aromas.

This toro-shaped stick starts off fairly mild but it's not shy about flavor as you'll notice a little bit of black pepper thanks to the Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper. As for smoke, expect lush, sweet, white smoke with flavors that are creamy, smooth, and even a little bit cool as you work your way further into the cigar.

The mid-point of this cigar ignites more earthy flavors that take over as you reach the finish.

This toro cigar is a valuable component to the Alec Bradley Connecticut premium line of affordable cigars that feature world-class flavors at prices you can afford to smoke every day. These sticks make a great choice for a smoker who's relatively new to the luxury of smoking, or make a great choice for a veteran cigar fan who is looking for a lighter experience to enjoy alongside coffee or to start the day.

These cigars are in-stock and come packaged in a box of 20 and will arrive safely at your door in just a few days.