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Asylum 867 Auntie Lancero (7" x 38) Box of 20

Fans of Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka’s Asylum cigars are well-acquainted with the brand’s unconventional ways. However, the Asylum 867 series ups the ante with a bevy of infused or “steeped” cigars that deliver wildly delicious aroma and taste. The Asylum team and Deadwood Tobacco Company partnered to create the lavishly exotic and satisfying Asylum 867 Auntie Lancero.

The Asylum 867 Auntie Lancero is a sweetly mesmerizing 7” x 38 stick loaded with a mouthwatering all-Honduran tobacco blend. A special flavoring or “steeping” process enhances the tobacco leaves with a refreshing mixture of exotic flavors and aromas.

The Asylum 867 Auntie Lancero doesn’t waste any time getting to the good stuff, with blasts of sweetness falling over the palate after just one puff. As the velvety smoke reveals itself, thick notes of candied apple, wild honey, berry, and baking spice take center stage. Sweet and woody flavors reminiscent of oak brandy casks add a sumptuous, earthy texture.

A sweetened wrapper adds another layer of deliciousness to the Asylum 867 Auntie Lancero, making it a wildly satisfying adventure for cigar lovers looking to escape the norm. So, venture into another realm of cigar-smoking possibilities and fire up the 867 Auntie Lancero today.