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Asylum 867 Zero Churchill (7" x 48) Box of 20

Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka, the cigarmaking stars behind the Asylum brand, have teamed up with the folks at Deadwood Tobacco Company to create an exciting lineup of flavor-infused smokes dubbed the Asylum 867 series. The Asylum 867 Zero Churchill is an exotic, wondrously satisfying favorite like no other Asylum cigar before it.

The Asylum 867 Zero Churchill is a 7” x 48 cigar constructed entirely of richly inviting Honduran tobacco. What separates the Asylum 867 Zero blend from more traditional smokes is a special “steeping” process developed by Eiroa to infuse the tobaccos with additional flavor and aroma. The process results in a stunningly delicious cigar-smoking escape of over an hour.

The Asylum 867 Zero Churchill revs up the senses before you even spark it up, with a sweet-tipped wrapper leaf and invitingly sweet aromas. Once the Zero Churchill is underway, savory chocolate, hazelnut, and cream flavors bathe the palate in endless delights. A pleasingly tart berry flavor resonates throughout the smoke before the experience concludes with a masterfully balanced natural tobacco finish.

The Asylum 867 Zero Churchill has something to offer a broad spectrum of cigar lovers. Even if you are on the fence about infused or steeped cigars, the Zero Churchill is an irresistibly satisfying experience you can confidently add to your cigar rotation.