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Asylum 867 Zero Toro (6" x 50) Box of 20

Christian Eiroa and Tom Lazuka co-founded Asylum cigars, keeping in mind those wanting to escape the overly plain, ordinary cigars that saturate the premium cigar market. The result is an Asylum portfolio bursting with some of the most uniquely delicious cigars on the market. Partnering with Deadwood Tobacco Company, Eiroa and Lazuka add another outlandishly delicious smoke to the Asylum lineup with the Asylum 867 Zero Toro.

The Asylum 867 Zero Toro is an inviting 6” x 50 cigar that could easily pass for just another premium smoke. Yet all bets are off once this tasty morsel lands on your lips. A sweet-tipped Honduran wrapper leaf shelters an all-Honduran tobacco core, which emerges from Eiroa’s special “steeping” process to deliver unparalleled flavor and aroma.

The Asylum 867 Zero Toro’s sweetened wrapper lures you into a treasure trove of sweet and savory goodness. Rich berry flavors drip from every puff, with nutty and creamy chocolate nuances providing an immensely satisfying mouthfeel. Spicy and earthy undertones further enhance the sweet character during a broadly entertaining finale.

The “steeped” Asylum 867 Zero Toro is the infused cigar for the modern era, delivering everything fans of traditional cigars expect with tremendously appealing flavor, body, and aroma. So, spark up the Asylum 867 Zero Toro with your favorite beverage and treat yourself to a celebration of pure cigar-smoking ecstasy.