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Asylum Ogre 550 (Robusto) 5" x 50

The partnership of Tom Lazuka and cigar guru Christen Eiroa has spawned many a great smoke, yet nothing quite as exciting as the Asylum Ogre 550. Composed of lush tobaccos, the Asylum Ogre 550 is shrouded in not one, but two hardy wrapper leaves to form one of the most daring and uniquely satisfying cigars on the market.

The Asylum Ogre 550 is a gorgeous 5.0" x 50 Robusto draped with a "barber pole" wrapper composed of dark Nicaraguan Habano and green Nicaraguan Candela leaves. Underneath are a plethora of Nicaraguan tobaccos to complete the binder and filler blend. The result is a tantalizing cigar that delivers nearly 50 minutes of joy.

The Asylum Ogre 550 unleashes thick earth,chocolate and creamy notes that are tied together by a pleasant herbal nuance that flows throughout the lively, yet wonderfully composed experience. Hints of pepper are lightly sprinkled throughout the Nicaraguan Puro's journey, which closes out with a voluptuous encore.

Available in boxes of 30 tasty cigars, the AsylumOgre 550s aren't just for looks, so be prepared to enjoy the heck out of the many time or anywhere and expect unparalleled taste with every puff. Give the Asylum Ogre 550 a try with a savory Belgian Stout for a monstrously gratifying frenzy of deliciousness!