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AVO XO Intermezzo (Robusto)

There are cigars and then there are Avo XO cigars! The Avo XO series is a cigar with a connoisseur’s sensibilities in mind, but one that is made for one and all to enjoy! And of the XO series, the Avo XO Intermezzo joins Avo’s ever-expanding library of truly classic smokes.

The Avo XO series is made from a blend of select Dominican tobaccos sheathed in a velvety Connecticut Shade wrapper. A firm, comfortable draw carries a ton of flavor with a pleasingly fragrant aroma that won’t disperse crowds.

The Intermezzo is a smooth and mellow smoke with earth, wood and gentle spice flavors that grow in intensity with each delicious puff. Enjoy this stick for an hour and understand what Avo aficionados have known for years, the Avo XO is a classic that delivers infinite pleasure.

An Intermezzo, in general musical terms, rests between two movements of a larger piece. The Avo XO Intermezzo is the very embodiment of this notion by filling the quieter moments of our hectic days. The beautifully made 5 ½” x 50 Intermezzo is just the right size to enjoy after dinner with friends and a snifter of your favorite cognac.