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AVO XO Preludio (Lancero-Panatela) - Box of 20

With the Avo XO series, Avo Uvezian, the music maker meets Avo the cigar lover. The XO series is a tribute to Avo’s musical heritage, each size but a piece to the overall composition. The Avo XO Preludio is where it all begins!

The XO Preludio is a sleek 6” x 40 cigar that has become a favorite amongst the professional set. Sophisticated, balanced and down-right delicious, the Preludio will prove to be just as at home at a fancy cocktail party as in the backyard with ribs and cool pale ale.

The deep golden Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper merges perfectly with tobaccos grown in the fertile Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic. From this superior blend comes a wide variety of spice flavors that last until the final puff. A dry wood finish completes the XO Preludio while a little dab of sweetness teases along the way.

The XO Preludio might seem a prim and proper cigar for sophisticates, but it is has plenty of character to satisfy the wild and crazy in all of us. This slender stick will keep you pleasantly occupied for about 45 minutes. Whether tuxedo or Hawaiian shirt, the Avo XO Preludio will be the star of the show!