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Bellas Artes by AJ Fernandez Habano Short Churchill (6" x 48)

AJ Fernandez is one of the cigar industry’s busiest and most accomplished tobacco blending maestros, creating a vast catalog of cigars that strikes a chord with industry experts and everyday cigar lovers alike. One of Fernandez’s crowing achievements is the Bellas Artes Habano. The Bellas Artes series is a nod to Havana’s fine art museum and the artistry that goes into making cigars. The Bellas Artes Habano Short Churchill is a work of art that you can take in one puff at a time.

The Bellas Artes Habano Short Churchill features a core of Nicaraguan Esteli, Condega, and Jalapa leaves mixed with Brazilian and Honduran tobacco. The binder is a savory Nicaraguan-grown leaf from the Quilali region. A hybrid Nicaraguan Rojita Habano wrapper completes the package to deliver a 6” x 48 box-pressed beauty that’ll provide about an hour of smoke.

The first draws through a Bellas Artes Habano Short Churchill bring a rush of earthy and cedary goodness. Leather, herbal, and licorice notes follow to boost the smoke into the medium-full range. The experience grows in complexity with the arrival of nut and cream nuances. Throughout it all, the smoke maintains a refined, sophisticated quality until an epic encore brings the Short Churchill experience to a close.

The Bellas Artes Habano Short Churchill is a beautifully composed smoke that delights with a rich yet balanced character and endlessly satisfying body and taste. The Bellas Artes Habano series is another win for AJ Fernandez and a perfect landing spot for fans of Cuban favorites and any cigar lover looking to explore the more elegant side of Nicaraguan cigars.