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Camacho Triple Maduro 6x60 (Gordo) - Box of 20

One puff of the Camacho Triple Maduro and you will be whisked away on an exhilarating smoking adventure that you won’t soon forget! This incredible stick is a unique showcase of the alluring power of the Maduro leaf that is rich in body, taste and enjoyment.

The stunning 6” x 60 Triple Maduro Gordo is comprised of five different Maduro tobaccos making for a vastly unique cigar. The husky filler is made up of Maduro tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Brazil which are placed into an Authentic Corojo Maduro binder leaf. Shrouding this meaty core is a Mexican Maduro wrapper leaf from the San Andreas Valley.

Rich and full-flavored right from the start, the Camacho Triple Maduro Gordo packs an amazing amount of texture and body into the smoke. Earth, spice and espresso notes flow effortlessly to and fro, while a soft sweetness winds its way through the complex maze of flavor. The finish is long and filling, making for an adventurous and truly pleasurable way to chew up well over an hour.

The folks at Camacho Cigars went through 84 different trial and errors before settling on this blend of Maduro tobaccos and that commitment to getting it right shines through with each and every puff. The Camacho Triple Maduro is a remarkable achievement that deserves your attention.