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Cohiba Red Dot (Churchill) - Box of 25

Speak the name ‘Cohiba’ and an interesting, if not animated, conversation is sure to follow. No matter how the discussion goes, there is only one conclusion: the only Cohiba to smoke is the one and only Red Dot Cohiba!

The Cohiba Churchill is a true masterpiece and one of the all-time greats. The 7” x 49 stick never fails to wow with each puff, as it is has a velvety Cameroon wrapper surrounding a Jember binder from Indonesia and three different Cuban Seed tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. The smooth as can be smoke emerges from the ideal draw as a shockingly tasty smoke.

A sweet creamy essence weaves together heartier spice, nuts, pepper and earth flavors that tingle the senses with supple ecstasy. While the Cohiba Churchill is jam packed with all of these flavors, it will maintain a medium-bodied character throughout the smoke. The intensity will steadily build to a grand finale bringing the 1 ½ - 2 hour flavor fiesta to a climatic finish.

Set aside an entire evening for this big and luscious cigar to truly enjoy all that it has to offer. Enjoy after a grand feast with a favorite libation and toast to the Red Dot!