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Toscano: CLASSICO Double Perfecto (6"x38)

Legend tells us that the cigars later known as Toscano came about as a “happy accident” during the particularly hot Italian summer of 1815. A surprise rainstorm completely soaked tobacco left in an open courtyard to dry in the sun. This unexpectedly kickstarted the fermentation process and gave the cigars a strong taste and aroma, which was deemed worthy of only the cheapest cigars. While this story most probably has been embellished with each generation, we do know the cigars were a huge hit and laid the foundation for one of today’s most beloved Italian cigars: Toscano Classico.

First launched in 1930, the Toscano Classico series is a modern interpretation of those first legendary cigars, featuring a shortened fermentation and aging process to deliver a bold, full-flavored smoke. American and Italian filler tobaccos form a hearty core covered with a rustic Italian-grown Kentucky wrapper leaf.

The fire-cured tobaccos lend an intense smoky quality to the experience, which also offers up tantalizing notes of wood, pepper, and spice. The 6” x 38 Cheroot-style cigars can be smoked in original form or as was a historically Italian tradition, cut in two for greater convenience and value.  

The Toscano Classico series is a fantastic option for those searching for a completely different cigar experience than what the world of premium cigars usually offers. While not for the faint of heart, Toscano Classico cigars balance nostalgia with a no-nonsense attitude perfect for every day.