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Flor de Oliva Giants 5.0" x 60 (Gordo)

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Flor de Oliva is the go-to source for everyday cigar enthusiasts who want sumptuously textured cigars that are both satisfying and affordable. And the Flor de Oliva Giant 1066 is quite literally the biggest hit of them all! This gigantic stick is an adventure all its own that will delight like no other cigar in its class!

The Flor de Oliva Giants 1066 are 10” x 66 behemoths loaded with voluptuous Nicaraguan filler tobaccos which are tucked inside a thick Nicaraguan binder leaf. A Sumatra wrapper leaf completes the massive stick that will prove the cigar that keeps going and going, so set aside an entire block of your day to enjoy!

As the Flor de Oliva Giant 1066 flares to life, bursts of thick and chewy earth flavors meld with waves of pepper and wood to create a magnificently smooth medium-bodied experience. A touch of cream eases into the journey while pleasantly sweet nuances tickle the lips and taste-buds before a big, lasting finish.

Available in bundles of 8 epically-sized cigars, the Flor de Oliva Giants 1066 are enormously entertaining and should be added to everyone’s bucket list. Far from being novelty smokes, the Flor de Oliva Giants 1066 is truly a fantastic smoke that will delight all those who take the plunge. Just light, relax and enjoy!