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Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill - Bundle of 30

With a tradition that goes back to the Colonial days of 1887, Gurkha Cigars by K. Hansotia & Co. have become the standard by which all super-premium cigars are judged. Gurkha sticks are known for their opulent style and amazingly wide-ranging taste and no other cigar represents this better than the Cognac infused Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill.

These luxurious 7 ¼” x 52 cigars are formed around a central foundation of 3 year aged filler tobaccos that are held by a 3 year aged binder. A bright five year aged Connecticut Shade wrapper surrounds it all to create the over an hour and half smoke. The star of the show, however, is the fine Cognac that is infused into the luscious tobaccos, making for an unreal experience.

 Emerging from its lavish wax-sealed glass tube, the mild-to-medium smoke gets rolling with earth, toast and cedar flavors that are enveloped by the alluringly smooth Cognac notes. Hints of spice slither onto the taste-buds to perk up the back end of the mellow character.

Joyfully delicious and uncompromisingly smooth, the Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill is a beautifully balanced smoke that is the ultimate treat for any level of cigar enthusiast. These amazing cigars are available in 30 count bundles and will prove to be a most rewarding cigar smoking venture.