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Humi-Care Humidor Seasoning Wipes

Make breaking in your new humidor easier than ever!

The Humi-Care Seasoning Wipes are a simple solution. Simply open up the package and wipe down the inside of your humidor. These are ideal for use with any new Spanish Cedar lined humidor for humidification. You can also restore a previously maintained humidor with these wipes.

This seasoning process is an easy way to make sure your humidor gets to that 65-75 percent humidity range that'll protect your cigars and make sure they're ready to deliver the best toasting experience they can.

Cigars City sells these wipes in increments of one but Humi-Care does recommend that you wipe down your humidor at least twice so you may want to pick up two or three of these wipes so you're ready to get that humidor back and ready to house some sticks!