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Humi-Care Round Hygrometer

Touted by Humi-Care as their "most advanced hygrometer yet" - this is a smart idea for any cigar lover to add to their humidor. Compact at just 1.75" inches in diameter, this will fit in just about anybody's humidor or travel herf.

This digital hygrometer displays both humidity levels (within +/- 2% relative humidity) and also displays the temperature inside your humidor in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. There's a half-moon shaped adhesive strip on the back as well that allows you to easily and effectively attach the hygrometer to the wall of your humidor or lid - whatever you prefer. Finally, this unit is battery operated and when the day comes that the juice stops flowing from the initial batteries, they are easily replaced at home without any special tools. (A screwdriver isn't "special", right?)

Don't let your cigar stash go to waste! Keep an eye on the conditions inside with a reliable and cost-effective option like this one from Humi-care.