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JFK Humidor - 70-100 Cigar Capacity

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A handsome 70-count cigar humidor that's a great gift or asset for the cigar lover who likes to keep a few boxes on hand in ready-to-smoke condition! Depending upon how you position the two dividers, you can fit 100 toro sized cigars inside this guy but to place it safe, we'll call it a 70-capacity humidor.

This humidor features full Spanish cedar lining, two dividers, a humidifier, key, brass handles and a hygrometer gauge. Sturdily built, this doesn't have the cheap feel that a lot of the imported humidors have - you know, the type that feel like they're made of balsa wood and couldn't keep the jungle humid!

With a heavy lid and sure seal, you'll get great regulation of humidity inside. On the outside, a high gloss cherry finish lends a classic look and is a charming addition to any office or den. Underneath, you'll find felt to ensure you're not marking up a desk or whatever other surface you decide to place this humidor on.