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La Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro 5.0" x 50 (Robusto)


For years La Gloria Cubana has reigned supreme asone of the most critically acclaimed connoisseur cigars on the planet and theLa Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro is the perfect evidence as to why. Richlytextured and deliciously satisfying, the La Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro is theultimate go-to cigar for Maduro lovers.

The La Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro is aclassically shaped 5” x 50 Robusto that features a seductively dark ConnecticutBroadleaf Maduro wrapper leaf. Tucked underneath are lavish Dominican andNicaraguan filler tobaccos and a sturdy Nicaraguan binder leaf. Together thesetobaccos form an outstandingly pleasing 50 minute excursion.

Each minute that passes is filled with voluptuouswood, spice and toast flavors that linger on the palate while bursts of aniseand fruit tease every last taste-bud. The medium-to-full bodied escape meldsthese sweet and spicy nuances with beautifully balanced natural tobacco notesto create one of the all-time Robusto cigars.

The La Gloria Cubana Wavell Maduro is available inboxes of 25 sticks and will make for a grand every day option for all those whodesire smokes that are smooth and with a bold character. Spoil yourself the LaGloria way and add these to your line-up today! 


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