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Leaf by Oscar Connecticut

Pittsburgh-based cigar purveyor “Island” Jim Robinson offers up yet another amazing smoke that will titillate the senses, have you drooling in anticipation and clearing out your humidor so you can stock up. And that’s all before you even lay eyes on the actual cigar! That’s just how mesmerizingly delicious the Leaf by Oscar Connecticut is, so do not miss out on this thrillingly gratifying smoke!

The Leaf by Oscar Connecticut emerged from a partnership between Island Jim and cigar master Oscar Valladares, who oversees production of the luscious cigars at his factory in Honduras. Each Leaf by Oscar Connecticut cigar features a voluptuous blend of Honduran filler tobaccos which meld perfectly with a Honduran binder leaf and a golden Honduran-grown Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf to create the ultimate escape.

Upon removal of the Leaf by Oscar Connecticut's unique protective outer tobacco leaf, the cigar is ready for fire which will bring intensely pleasing notes of wood, nut, white pepper, citrus, spice and cream. The flavors swirl into a festival of goodness which propels the smooth and savory smoke towards a memorably entertaining finale.

Ideal for friendly gatherings and quiet moments of contemplation alike, the Leaf by Oscar Connecticut is an experience that all cigar lovers should enjoy at least once in their lives, for it is not just a great cigar, but an event that will linger fondly in your memories for all time!

Get your Leaf by Oscar Connecticut now in Robusto (5" x 50), Lancero (7" x 38), Toro (6" x 52) and Gordo (6" x 60) sizes.