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Mark Twain No. 3 (Presidente)


In these days of political correctness andincessant technobabble, it is all the more important to follow the lead offamous cigar enthusiast Mark Twain and relax with a satisfying smoke, lettingthe noise of the World fade away. What better cigar to escape with than with acigar that honors Mr. Clemens himself, the Mark Twain No. 3.

The enormous 8.0" x 54 Mark Twain No. 3 is a beautifully crafted Presidente built around a core of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos which are adorned with a bright Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf.The resulting behemoth is an immensely satisfying experience of about an hour and a half.

Once the Mark Twain No. 3 is underway, the mild-bodiedexcursion delivers sumptuously smooth flavors of wood, cream and toast. A nuttyundercurrent flows freely while subtle dashes of pepper and spice tease the taste-budsever so gently all along the way to a pleasingly mellow finish.

Available in boxes of 20 giant cigars, the MarkTwain No. 3 is perfect for those who want a big and long-lasting smoke that has enough taste to excite the senses and is mild enough for any time of day no matter the occasion. Do as Mark Twain did and enjoy a tasty treat with a snifter of well-structured Bourbon. 


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