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Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo (4" x 52)

From developing the world’s first cigar humidors to serving as global ambassador for all things cigars, Zino Davidoff’s legacy looms large in today’s cigar industry. So, only a cigar that captures his legendary vision and adventurous spirit could proudly wear the Zino name. Enter Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo.

The Honduran-made Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo features a complex filler blend which includes Honduran Olancho Visus, Honduran Jamastran Visus, Nicaraguan Ometepe Visus, Dominican San Vicente Seco, and Dominican San Vicente Mejorado Seco tobaccos. A Nicaraguan Semilla 56 Seco binder and bronze-hued Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper leaf finish off each 4” x 52 cigar.

While every Zino Nicaragua cigar features the same blend, each offers a unique character all its own. The Short Torpedo is the liveliest of the bunch, delivering a medium-to-full-bodied joyride from start to finish. The flavor bomb explodes over the palate with spice, leather, pepper, nut, and cedar notes, while thick waves of creaminess carry the experience to a vividly engaging finale.

The Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo is a richly textured yet approachable smoke that should appeal to a broad range of tastes. A smooth and savory smoke that goes easy on the cigar budget, the Zino Nicaragua Short Torpedo is a game-changer not to be missed.