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ACID By Drew Estate Cigars

Started by fraternity brothers and epitomizing attitude, ACID Cigars by Drew Estate are some of the world's finest infused cigars. A bold statement, but one that's easily verifiable after just one puff of their ACID cigars. Others have tried to mimic their unique cigar-blending style, but they've all failed one-by-one. Premium quality tobaccos, impressive consistency, and creative, exotic infusions of all natural essential herbs, oils and botanicals: ACID cigars are unlike any other.
ACID Cigars by Drew Estate are cigars that buck the conventional trends of the cigar world. These unique cigars all start in purpose-built "aroma rooms" that are lined with over 140 essential herbs, oils and botanicals that impart unique and flavorful notes into the cigars over a period of months. These handmade Nicaraguan cigars are a trip not to be missed. Buy a box today and be amazed what you maybe missing in your normal everyday cigar.