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Camacho Cigars specializes in responsibly producing fine cigars from Cuban tobacco seeds that are self described as: "Unmistakable. Unapologetic. Bold as Hell". A brand based on full color, bold flavors and certainly not the traditional draw your forefathers enjoyed from a stick.
Founded in the early 1960's by Cuban exile Simon Camacho in Miami, the brand quickly grew into a world-wide name for quality cigars. Operations were eventually moved to Nicaragua and remained there until 1995, when the Eiroa family purchased the brand following Camacho's death. With the acquisition, the Eiroa family moved operations to Hondurus, the same country Camacho calls "home" today. The company prides itself on using only sustainable agricultural methods to ensure they have high quality tobacco available for their renowned cigars for generations to come.
Triva: British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was rumored to be a huge fan of Camacho's product.