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Camacho Triple Maduro

Camacho's Triple Maduro cigar is an extremely complex and flavorful cigar that begins its life in the beautiful valleys of Rancho Jamastran in Honduras.

Expect a minuscule amount of resistance upon your first draw of this Camacho cigar. With a quick visual inspection, most sticks are known for a few medium-sized veins that should provide a slightly lumpy texture. Firm and packed tightly, you'll quickly be hit by woody-notes as well as hints of coffee and possibly even a bitter chocolate flavor. Hailed as a first, the Triple Maduro is a dark and full-bodied cigar and is perfect for any cigar-connoisseur that's looking for a cigar that packs more of a punch. Filled with bold flavor notes of earth and spices, you'll be both amazed and satisfied by this excellent cigar.

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