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Cohiba Red Dot Cigars

If you're looking for Cohiba's standard cigar that you've heard from your friends about and seen advertisements for, you've found it.

Cohiba's namesake, these cigars are typically known by their "Red Dot" cigar band. A smooth, easy to enjoy smoke, Cohiba Red Dot cigars have earned their place in many a fine humidor. If you're looking for a medium-bodied smoke that has a full rich flavor, check out Cohiba's signature "Red Dot" cigars, you're sure to enjoy it. Once lit, expect a peppery and sweet aroma that'll have non-smokers thinking twice about their stance! Later on in the experience you'll notice nutty, perhaps even almond flavors emerge and more creaminess as you approach the end of the smoking experience. Look closely at your ash, you may see visions of a golden hue, a very common perception by Red Dot smokers.